Questions and Answers

Q: What is the difference between Pink Solution, Motherís Choice & The Laundry Bar?

A: Motherís Choice is 5 times more powerful than Pink Solution and has pumice in it.

The Laundry Bar is 6 times more powerful than Pink Solution.

Q: Is this product really safe for children, pets, family and septic systems?

A: Yes it is. There are no chemicals, ammonia, bleach, dyes, fragrances etc.

If a child, adult, pet etc... would eat or drink Pink Solution, Motherís Choice or The Laundry Bar, they would not get sick. It is made up of all natural ingredients. It contains Sea Kelp, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Tallow & Soda Ash. Unlike other Green, 100% Natural or Eco-Friendly cleaning products this will not hurt you or the environment.

Q: Is there suppose to be liquid in the container when I open it?

A: Yes occasionally you will have condensation in the container, it could be as much as 1/3 inch.

Q: When you make the heavy solution is it suppose to be in a jelly like consistency?

A: Yes it is suppose to be like that, you just need to shake it up before using.

Q: Will the Pink Solution and Motherís Choice freeze if left in the cold?

A: Yes it will since it is water based. You must keep them inside for storage.

Q: Does Pink Solution & Motherís Choice have a shelf life?

A: No they do not. It will last forever.

Q: What can you use Pink Solution on?

A: You can use it on anything that you would put water on.

Q: What can you use Motherís Choice on?

A: You can use it on the same things as Pink Solution, except it contains pumice, so you do not want to put it on something that can be scratched. It is used to replace Comet, Oven Cleaner etcÖ

Q: What do you use the Laundry Bar on?

A: Same as Pink Solution.

Q: Has the Laundry Bar been used to clear up skin problems like Psoriasis & Eczema?

A: Yes customers have said it has helped with skin problems, but no studies have been done yet.


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