on cleaning with Pink Solution

If you did the demo at Costco you will remember my wife and I endorsing your product, we have been using it since the early 90’s.

This past week end we went to the lake when we returned I had to clean the front of the trailer. I sprayed the pink solution on at 5:20 and was completely finished by 5:40.

See the pictures to appreciate the large surface.

Don W. Eward, BAC, PMgr, C.Arb
Advanced Employee Relations Inc.

I just wanted to write and say THANKS.

I first saw Pink Solution at The Bay a few years ago, when my mother bought some. I had been looking for Pink Solution for a while now and was glad to see your booth at the Women’s show this weekend.

I picked some up on Friday and I couldn’t wait to get home to start cleaning. On Saturday, I cleaned all my kitchen cabinets, stove, etc.
I couldn’t believe how easily the grime, grease and dirt came off without much effort. On Sunday, I went to the booth again and showed your Rep Sally my new lavender suit, which had a car grease stain on it.

I tried her recommendation of putting PS on it, dabbing it then putting it in the wash. IT WORKED!!

I thought that I had ruined the new suit. But now, it’s as good as new.

Thanks again. I wish I had a day off today so I can battle the washroom then the hardwood floors.

Well, I’ll have something to look forward to this weekend.

Boleyn Relova

I have to write to thank you and Pink solution. My grandson left purple crayons in a pocket of a new outfit he was wearing to school, his mom washed the clothes without finding the crayons, and dried them, well what a mess not only the pants but socks, shirt and other things. She called me in great distress and knowing that my husband Jon always listens to your show I asked if he knew of a remedy. Well of course he did and soon I was faxing your office for a retailer of pink solution. I must tell you that I moved and the clothing just sat in a bag for a month, when I got sorted I followed that instructions and cleaned the clothes with the Pink solution, well I didn’t expect the results I got, Not a mark left and the clothes are like new. My daughter and I could not believe our eyes this stuff is fantastic. You must tell the makers they have a winner here I can’t say enough about it.

Eileen C. Robertson

I visited your display at the Vancouver Pacific National Exhibition. First of all I want to comment on the courteous and very helpful sales staff who were present at your display.

Their demonstration and excellent sales pitch won my confidence and made a quick sale, might I add that I have never once purchased any such products from an exhibition.

Today I tried out your product on my brand new white carpet, which I thought had been destroyed by my careless efforts in repotting a very large tropical plant in the middle of my living room. Needless to say the plant fell over leaving wet soil all over the carpet. Not thinking at the time, I vacuumed the carpet immediately and by doing so made the mess even worse by pushing the web soil right into the carpet.

I tried three brand name carpet-cleaning products, but the stains only got worse. Pink Solution was my last resort before hiring professional carpet cleaners.

Well, I have to say that I am impressed, amazed and truly astonished at how absolutely incredible your product is. Not only are the stains out of the carpet but it also motivated me into cleaning my whole apartment, which now sparkles.

Thank you!
Natascha Kogler

While at one of the National Shows in Ireland I bought a large bucket of Pink Solution and have found it an excellent Window cleaner, we live close to the sea and it keeps the outside of the windows salt spray free for weeks at a time.

Thank you.

Ms. Netti Cobden

To the people who make the pink solution,

I have been using this product for years, and I keep on finding more things that it works on, it wasn’t till yesterday that I met the person who is responsible for creating this product, and I thought that I knew all about this product, only to find out that there is a lot more. We as a family would not want to be without it. My wife does house cleaning and just the fact that it does not harm her or the environment, means that she can continue to work. Just to mention a few things that I’ve learned, one is we painted our daughters bedroom a royal blue almost black, and we have an off white carpet, I got some of the dark blue acrylic latex paint on the carpet, I thought that the carpet was ruined. You won’t believe that but the pink solution took it out. Just a little further on this, the next day we moved some furniture, and found that we missed some paint on the rug, the paint was dry and hard I was about to try and cut it out, but it was too deep in the carpet, my wife used the pink solution full strength, worked it in and let it set, later that day she wiped it up, and some of the colour was coming out, she repeated the same steps three times, each time it was lighter after the third time it was completely gone. I really don’t know what’s in this stuff, but it works, so many of my shirts would have been ruined, if it wasn’t for pink solution. I could go on and on about this product. I just don’t know why anybody would want to use anything else.

Samuel William Isaak

I am writing to thank you for Pink Solution. It is the greatest product I have ever encountered. I purchased your product this summer in Edmonton, Alberta at your K Days Promotion and have been continuously impressed by it. The fact that it is environmentally friendly is sure a great feature, but all the claims, your Representative made, I have found to be true. I have also found another purpose for this marvelous product, that I wanted to share with you.

We recently purchased a new farm, built a new house and drilled a new water well. There is lots of water, but there is also lots of iron. Consequently within a couple of months our tub, shower and sinks were, what we believed, ruined. WE purchased almost every product on the market that claimed they could remove iron residue, with no results except to damage our lungs, because with most of these products there were caustic fumes.

When my daughter and I were listening to the promotion your company was displaying, her comment was “why don’t we try Pink Solution, we’ve tried everything else and at least this smells better”, so I bit the bullet, so to speak, and bought a pail. The very next day I tried Pink Solution, full strength, on the shower stall, it literally pealed off the iron residue and returned the shower back to its shiny, white, new looking finish. Next was the bath tub, which proved a little more challenging, but non-the-less, came clean. With continuous use of Pink Solution, the shower “seems” to be more resistant to the iron build-up, and the time between cleanings is becoming longer. Pink Solution has virtually saved us thousands of dollars in bathroom fixture replacements.

We sincerely thank you.

I have been bragging to all my friends about Pink Solution and they are all eager to give it a try. Therefore I would appreciate more information on a dealership for your wonderful product. I am convinced that I could do your company and Product just service.

Again my family and I thank you for this innovative product and wish you all good fortune for the future.

Bev Lange

We have used “Pink Solution” to remove oxidation and residue from sun tan lotion, grease, dirt, etc. from our slides. We have found the product to be superior to the chemicals we have previously used.

Our experience with “Pink Solution” has been favorable and we would recommend this product.

Wayne Keller
Operations Manager

Thanks for all the wonderful information that you provide me today. The stain in my chair disappeared, the tub is shinning and next I will try the laundry. I was given a large tub of your product by a friend when she moved to Japan. I hadn’t used it that much. If all this info came with it, I didn’t ever know it. But now I do and thanks again. Not many people these days take a minute to be really helpful.

Beverley Zullinger

I'm convinced! After I took my load of dark clothes out of the washing machine I found a red pen with the end bent in my son's pocket. I didn't notice any ink on the clothes and tossed everything in the dryer.

My heart sank when I pulled everything out later and found my guest towel with a half dozen dark red ink blotches on them. I quickly grabbed my instructions on Pink Solution and applied it on the towel front and back, then left it to work. Later, I washed it on a regular cycle. The ink came out! The towel had no indication of ever being stained! Amazing! So, today after hosting a brunch and finding stained napkins, I'm using the Pink Solution to rescue the napkins.

I'm convinced. Thanks!
Patricia Hultman

Thank you for your quick shipment.

I have been using the Pink Solution to wash my cats in.

I show Persians and it is great for cutting the body oils.

Several other breeders also use it on their cats.

I am so happy I can get it in the USA now.

Thanks again,
Pat Townsend

My husband got blood on his shorts and I could not remove it. I remembered I had a little of Mother's Choice left and I wet the pants and put the solution on overnight and it unbelievably came out!!!!!!!!!!

Charlotte Braun


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